Scientific Sessions 2019

71st Annual Scientific Sessions of the Sri Lanka Veterinary Association - 2019

Date: June, 2019

Venue: Kandy

The 71st Annual Scientific Sessions of the Sri Lanka Veterinary Association – 2019 provides an opportunity for its members to share recent research findings, clinical experience and knowledge on the current developments in veterinary and allied sciences. This year’s sessions are arranged under four thematic areas (Clinical Communications, Animal Health, Animal Production and Veterinary Public Health) to improve its scientific visibility and commemorates the notable abstracts submitted with awards and recognition.


Key Dates for the Scientific Sessions - 2019


 30th January 2019 - Call for Abstracts


15th March 2019 - Deadline for submission of Abstracts and extended abstracts


1st May 2019 - Completion of returning the reviewed abstract to authors for correction


15th May 2019 - Submission of revised abstracts


 June 2019 –71st   Annual Scientific Sessions  


General Policies Submitting Abstracts

  • Only a Member of the SLVA (with updated subscription) shall be permitted to submit an abstract of a paper for presentation at the Annual Scientific Sessions, and he/she shall be the Corresponding Author. The abstract may have co-author(s) who may be SLVA members (life / ordinary / student), or Session Members (other scientists / researcher/s who is/are not a SLVA member/s).
  • Only a Member of the SLVA (with updated subscription) shall be permitted to present a paper (oral or poster) at the Scientific Sessions. In the event an author is unable to make the presentation due to ill-health or any other valid reason, it shall be the responsibility of the presenter to notify the Secretary/ SLVA in writing (or in electronic means) three days prior to the day of the presentation and identifying a co-author as the official presenter.
  • All members should not be in arrears of membership fees including the current year subscription at the time of submitting the abstracts. All arrears, if any, should be paid by a cheque drawn in favour of the ‘Sri Lanka Veterinary Association’ before the deadline for submission of abstracts. Members may call SLVA Treasurer (Dr. Janaka Amarakoon- mobile- 0777762836 to check the status of their subscription.
  • All submissions are peer-reviewed and scored based on: scientific merit, originality, and relevancy to the veterinary profession in Sri Lanka. The content/ information in the abstract should contribute to the advancement of knowledge of the veterinary professionals in Sri Lanka.
  • Receipt of submission of abstracts will be acknowledged by e-mail within three working days after the closing date. SLVA will communicate on matters related to the respective abstract only with the corresponding author.
  • Following a preliminary review of all abstracts by the SLVA Scientific Sessions Committee, those that meet the basic requirements will be forwarded to at least two independent reviewers. Notice of acceptance (with instructions for necessary improvements, if any) or rejection will be sent to the corresponding author within one month.
  • Submission of the edited final version of accepted abstracts will be due in two weeks after receiving the reviewers’ comments. The reviewers’ decision on whether the abstract is accepted for oral or poster presentation will be notified to the corresponding author.
  • By submitting an abstract the author(s) agree to publish the abstract in the Book of Abstracts, which will be distributed to all participants attending the Annual Scientific Sessions/ AGM of the Sri Lanka Veterinary Journal (SLVJ) as an abstract or a full paper depending on the scientific merit, originality, relevance etc.

Format of the Abstract and Extended Abstract


  • All abstracts must be in English, prepared using MS-Word, page size of A4 with 2.5 cm (1 inch) margins and font Times New Roman 12 (single line spaced) with lines numbered.
  • The word count of the regular abstract should be limited to a maximum of 350 words excluding the title of the paper, names and affiliations of authors.
  • The word count for extended abstract may be within 1400-1500 excluding tables, figures, graphs and references. The author/s is/are allowed to incorporate figures, graphs, tables, references and acknowledgement. The extended abstracts enable reviewers to gain a better understanding of the research study/clinical case and the scope of the publication of the same or a revised version in the Sri Lanka Veterinary Journal is good and an added advantage.
  • Name of the corresponding author should be underlined. A telephone number and an e-mail address of the corresponding author should be provided.
  • Abstracts must be based on original research or clinical information.
  • The general structure for a research abstract shall include: (a) Introduction – a statement of the hypothesis or research question; (b) Methods - the study design and experimental methods used; (c) Results - a concise summary of the major findings, with sufficient data to permit evaluation by the reviewers; and (d) Conclusions - summary of the overall findings and the importance of the study.
  • The format for clinical case reports shall have an Introduction, Clinical examination and laboratory and other diagnostic findings, Diagnosis, Treatment and discussion.
  • Clinical papers could cover aspects of clinical and translational studies including treatment, prevention, screening, and diagnosis. Publication priority will be determined by factors such as novelty and its impact on clinical practice.
  • Abstracts that present single clinical case of previously reported diseases/conditions in Sri Lanka, clinical cases where the outcome of the treatment procedures was negative, investigations of drugs/compounds that involve inadequate numbers of study subjects, or studies that lack quantitative data will not be accepted.
  • No tables, graphs, figures or references are allowed in the abstract. Whenever possible, generic names for drugs and SI units should be used. Non-standard or uncommon abbreviations should be avoided, but if essential must be defined at the first mention.
  • Source of funding may only be acknowledged (in one sentence).
  • Authors should declare any conflicts of interests.

Submission of Abstracts

Abstracts should be emailed to in electronic format on or before the deadline along with scanned copy of duly signed author declaration form. Abstracts submitted without author declaration form will not be considered.

Please contact Dr. Dilan Satharasinghe, the Secretary of Sri Lanka Veterinary Association, for further details.

Dr. Dilan A. Satharasinghe


Sri Lanka Veterinary Association

Department of Basic Veterinary Sciences

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine & Animal Science

University of Peradeniya, Peradeniya 20400, Sri Lanka

Tel: +94777909725


Scientific Session Awards

Each year the SLVA commemorates notable abstracts submitted for its Annual Scientific Sessions with awards and recognition. Following awards will be awarded during the 71st  Annual General Meeting of  SLVA

  • Dr. Hector C. Perera Memorial Award for the most outstanding Clinical Communication
  • Dr. and Mrs. A.R. Mohamed Award for the best presentation in the Animal Health
  • Air Commodore Dr. R.M.P.A. Dassanayake Award for the best presentation in Animal Production
  • The award for the best presentation in Veterinary public health
  • Dr. Arunasiri Iddamalgoda Award for the best Poster


SLVA reserves the right to determine the number of awards made and to cancel the eligibility if the submitted abstracts are deemed to be of inadequate quality or interest.

All awards of the Scientific Sessions will be presented at the forthcoming Presidential Induction Ceremony of the SLVA.